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  Network Management

Remote Servicing for your Network

In 1994, Network Technology Services (NETS) developed the first successful remote service for managing smaller computer networks
with the same efficiency previously experienced only by larger
organizations. We are the first organization offering a focused, cost effective network management solution geared towards the unique
needs of small and medium businesses.

NETS' Mission

Our goal is to maximize the return on investments in networking. We accomplish this through our high quality, remote outsourcing solutions
which minimize the cost and burden associated with network management and administration.

Our Unique Solution

NETS' distinctive approach utilizes state-of-the-art network operations centers staffed by expert network managers skilled in remote management and administration of network systems. Our methodologies and management strategies, coupled with the latest in communication and management platforms, enables NETS to provide all businesses with a cost savings once reserved for only the largest of companies.

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We offer personalized service.  You will be assigned a dedicated service team which means they will know your network and you will know them.  When you call, you will speak to your assigned point of contact who knows your system - not some help desk servicing hundreds or thousands of callers.

With NETS, you can now leverage the economic justification of centralized network management from a truly proactive network operations center - twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! Our cost saving services are geared from two node networks on up to 500 nodes - and for networks with under 11 nodes, our comprehensive solution is only $290/month.

The Benefits of Remote Outsourcing

Traditional outsourcing provides companies with many benefits, including reduced costs and access to technical expertise. Facilitated by advanced technology, remote outsourcing builds upon these basic benefits and also provides organizations with:

bulletinstantaneous response to network issues by a team of expert professionals dedicated to servicing your network,
bulletfurther reduction of costs beyond the traditional savings of outsourcing with the elimination of travel, and
bulletall the benefits of a center of excellence at only a fraction of the traditional cost.

For more information in having your network remotely managed by NETS, please contact us.


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